About us

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Formed in 2005, the 400 Roses are a unique group of tribal folk fusion dancers from Yorkshire and Lancashire blending UK style folk dance with tribal belly dance moves. Old Morris tunes performed with a sway and a swish like you’ve never seen before. Expect the unexpected!


For our costumes, we mix tribal tiered skirts and cropped tops with traditional ribbons and bells. We also bought a batch of four hundred silk roses to add a final touch to our outfits....Hence our name.


Together with our band, T’Thorns, we perform at a variety of folk and other events between spring and autumn. If you would like us to come to your event – whether outdoors or indoors – do get in touch with us.




Originaly we used recorded music accompanied by one drummer for our performances.

T'Thorns gradually bloomed into the dynamic group of muscians that successfully supported the 400 Roses in the exciting transition to live music. This has allowed us to explore varying tempo and sounds to refine our unique style.